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JUNE 2012   

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Yellowstone trail crews accomplish an enormous amount of work during the park’s short summer season. In this issue, find out if they’ll be improving your favorite trail with the help of YPF’s Trails Fund. We’ll also update you on a big project we’re working on at Old Faithful, and tell you how you can join us for a special 1872 Society weekend at Old Faithful. Finally, be sure to read the profile of Brian Connolly and his inspiring essay Arlie and Papa in Yellowstone.

Summer 2012 on the Trails

Trail crew at work near Heart Lake 
While visitors from all over the nation -- and world -- are enjoying Yellowstone’s spectacular summer season, trail crews will be hard at work making sure the most popular hiking trails remain safe, enjoyable, and accessible to visitors. In 2006, the Yellowstone Park Foundation established a ten-year, $2-million Yellowstone Trails Fund, which is making possible the rehabilitation of seven trails this season. Perhaps your favorite trail is among them.


YPF Donor Profile: Brian Connolly

Brian Connolly 
He knew he was hooked on the world of the wolf when one February day in 2002, he found himself on a windy hill in Yellowstone, twenty below zero, with his spotting scope set on two wolves bedded on the snow across the valley near Crystal Creek. He thought to himself, “it just doesn’t get better than this.” Avid wolf watcher, author, and longtime Yellowstone Park Foundation supporter Brian Connolly talks about why he has made Yellowstone a priority in his life.


Join the 1872 Society Today!

Brian Connolly 
A national treasure like Yellowstone deserves extraordinary philanthropy. It belongs to all of us, and we have a collective responsibility to ensure that its grandeur and magic are available to future generations. As the park’s official fundraising partner, we rely on the foresight and steadfast commitment of generous individuals to ensure that Yellowstone endures for all time. We invite you to become a member of a special group: the 1872 Society.

Photos: Bison and hot spring by Tom Murphy; Brian Connolly courtesy of Brian Connolly; Lower Falls by Matt Ludin; All other photos by NPS unless otherwise indicated.

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