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FEBRUARY 2013   

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As winter continues we bring you details of Frank Jay Haynes’epic quest to capture the first winter photos in Yellowstone back in 1887. This story kicks off the first of many Haynes-related features we’ll be sharing as we count down the months to this summer's grand opening of the restored Haynes Photo Shop at Old Faithful. Also check out our interview with chief ranger Tim Reid, and read up on those seemingly adorable little mammals that are in fact stealthy carnivores: the weasel family.

Yellowstone’s First Winter Photographer

The Haynes winter photo expedition, 1887.
Yellowstone National Park was a wild and remote place in the late 1800s, and in winter it beckoned only the most adventurous souls. Renowned photographer Frank Jay Haynes was one of those adventuresome explorers. At a time when photography required hauling heavy equipment to develop photos in the field, Haynes took the first known winter photos of the Park during an epic, 29-day, 200-mile trip.


Q & A with Chief Ranger Tim Reid

Tim Reid
What does it take to become chief ranger of our first national park? Tim Reid visits with YPF and offers an inside look at what it’s like to oversee nearly 300 employees during peak season, live inside the Park year-round and raise a family, along with details of a past winter working at Canyon that he’ll never forget.


How Mighty Mustelids Survive Winter

Family mustilidae
They may look harmless, but predators of the weasel family are stealthy hunters. Most Park enthusiasts know a thing or two about how Yellowstone’s more visible animals survive winter, but what about these smaller creatures that also have a long season to endure? Of the 57 species of mustelids world-wide, Yellowstone is home to eight of them, including badgers, fishers, marten, mink, river otters, long-tailed weasels, short-tailed weasels and wolverines.

Photos: Frank Jay Haynes winter expedition photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons/public domain; chief ranger photo couresy Tim Reid; pine marten photo by Tom Murphy.

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