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MARCH 2013   

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As we count down the months to this summer’s grand opening of the Old Faithful Haynes Photo Shop, we’re sharing a series of articles about the photo shop and the Haynes family, who ran the photography concessions inside Yellowstone from 1884 to 1968. This month we explore the Haynes story through an amazing collection of memorabilia, assembled by Jack and Susan Davis. Also, we’ve detailed the projects your gifts are funding in 2013, and included a special thank-you video from Yellowstone’s Superintendent, Dan Wenk.

One of Yellowstone's Most Influential Families

Jack and Isabel Haynes 
If you gathered all of the memorabilia from the establishment of Yellowstone National Park in 1872 through the present day, it would tell a story of how people have experienced this place over time. The trouble is, most national park memorabilia ends up scattered in the hands of various enthusiasts. Renowned YNP collectors Susan and Jack Davis recall the Haynes family, and how they came to know their story through memorabilia.


Making A Measurable Difference: Your Dollars at Work

Sunset in Yellowstone 
Thanks to the more than 16,000 individuals, corporations and foundations that donate to the Yellowstone Park Foundation each year, our board was able to approve $600,000 in funding for 12 projects in 2013 that will preserve, protect and enhance the Park for years to come. In measuring the profound impact of these programs, perhaps their value is most appreciated by envisioning their absence. What if funding for these programs did not exist?


Special Message from Yellowstone's Superintendent

YNP Superintendent Dan Wenk 
Dan Wenk became superintendent of Yellowstone in February, 2011, and has a big job with 2.2 million acres and hundreds of staff to oversee. Given Yellowstone’s recent birthday celebration on March 1, and the real need for continued support from the Yellowstone Park Foundation in maintaining the Park’s margin of excellence, Wenk has recorded a special thank you to all who give and make his job a little easier.

Photos: Jack and Isabel Haynes courtesy of MSU photo archives; Yellowstone moonrise by Tom Murphy; Superintendent Dan Wenk courtesy YNP photo archives.

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