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Flora of the Yellowstone Region

Mobile app puts identification of over 391 wildflowers, trees, and grasses at your fingertips

Flora of Yellowstone
This innovative digital field guide – with 5% of proceeds from each sale donated to YPF – is for beginning and expert plant enthusiasts alike. Easy to use, the app has a “Search by Characteristics” tool that allows selection of characteristics that narrow and complete the identification process in just a few taps. Once identified, users can add to their knowledge with photos, illustrations, descriptions, preferred habitat and interesting tidbits on the plant’s ecology and use. The guide also provides distributional maps and taxonomy.

The app is the brainchild of Whitney Tilt, Bozeman conservationist and co-founder of High Country Apps, which offers a library of mobile apps for outdoors lovers. Tilt developed a curiosity about plants while working on his family’s ranch in Idaho in the 1970s. He brought that knowledge and curiosity with him to Bozeman when he settled here years ago, and found himself asking, “Am I crazy, or is there no decent field guide to this region?”

Whitney TiltTilt went on to write that guide, Flora of Montana’s Gallatin Region, Greater Yellowstone’s Northwest Corner, then teamed up with a software developer to create the app. Tilt believes that while a digital app might seem counterintuitive to some nature enthusiasts, it’s a great way to connect with kids – who are increasingly immersed in the digital world – while out hiking together. Also, “A hike is more fun when you know what you’re looking at,” says Tilt.

For Tilt, his hope is for everyone to get outside and develop a love of the land. “The only way Yellowstone and the surrounding wilderness will be well managed in the future is if we have people outside experiencing them,” he says. And because the app and its data are stored directly on the mobile device, it can be used with or without a data connection, making it useful in the backcountry where cell coverage is often absent. Also, unlike a book, Tilt periodically adds new flowers and plants to the app, offered to purchasers as free download updates.


Did You Know?

The Yellowstone region is home to hundreds of unique plants including:

  • Diminutive orchids
  • Plants that flower only once every 60 years
  • Plants that are a favorite food of grizzlies
  • Deadly poisonous plants

To download the Flora of Yellowstone app or for more information, CLICK HERE.

Photos courtesy of Whitney Tilt.


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