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Old Faithful Haynes Photo Shop

                    Old Faithful Haynes Photo Shop

After several years of dreaming, brainstorming, fundraising, relocating, and updating we are proud to announce that the Old Faithful Haynes Photo Shop (OFHPS) is now open!

Many thanks to Park Historian Lee Whittlesey, photographers Tom Murphy and Wim Kolk, author Frank Goodyear, NPS staff, and YPF staff and volunteers who made our week of grand opening festivities memorable. The OFHPS features:

  • Interactive kiosks that explain the need for philanthropy in the Park and how YPF is working to address those needs;
  • Exhibits that detail the legacy of photography in the Park;
  • Highlights about the Haynes family --  original owners of the building -- and their photographic adventures;
  • Giant Haynes postcards where visitors can have their photo taken; and more!

Steve Iobst helping child reach coin slotSince opening on the 23rd of June, we've received great feedback from visitors. Here are some of our successes.

Average number of visitors: 500 per day

Average number of photos taken: 150 per day

Most frequently asked question: When does Old Faithful go off next?

Money raised for Yellowstone: YPF raised just over $5,100 in donations during the first two weeks of operations!

Most touching and surprising OFHPS visitor during our grand opening week: John Englebreit of Minnesota hopped on a plane, rented a car and came to the Park to attend our grand opening. He explained that he worked in the photo shop in the 1960s and had fond memories of that time. He presented YPF with an original Haynes sign that Mrs. Haynes had given him from the OFHPS when it closed. It will be displayed at the entry of the shop for all to see and appreciate.

From our Facebook Page: “I was honored and very excited to realize that my trip to Yellowstone actually coincided with the grand opening of the Haynes Photo Shop! We were in the Old Faithful area for the first days' festivities. It is SO well done. For anyone who has not been there, it's all quite hands-on, even for the kids. Loved the area where you pull out drawers to reveal 'surprises' (usually old photographic equipment). And there is an area where you can take your own picture and send it off to friends and family. Awesome!" -- Patricia Lynn Cogan

Haynes Photo Opportunity

Please stop in and visit the Old Faithful Haynes Photo Shop and say hello to the staff the next time you visit Yellowstone!  This exciting new resource is located on the pedestrian walkway near Old Faithful, and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., through September 30. For more information, phone 307.545.9001.


Photos by Justin Lubke


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