Yellowstone Forever

Park Education Programs
Made Possible by TOYOTA

Grants from the Toyota USA Foundation and Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. are enabling Yellowstone National Park to better serve school children by significantly improving and diversifying many youth programs. 

Programs that TOYOTA is helping to inspire future Yellowstone Stewards, a No Child Left Inside Initiative include:

-Yellowstone Field Trips (In-Park Day-Use Programs) such as school trips and Junior Ranger Wildlife Olympics.

Old Faithful Wildlife Olympics

 Photo Credit: YPF Staff

-Yellowstone To You (Y2U) Outreach which includes Ranger visits to schools (non-tribal) and Community events.

-Yellowstone To You Tribal Outreach Native American Connections.  Recent events include University Powwows in Bozeman, Billings, and Missoula Montana, Montana Indian Education Association Conference and school visits to six regional tribal schools in Montana and Idaho.

-Distance Learning such as video conferences with youth and student groups and a teacher workshop by video conference. 

-Teacher Services such as educator workshops.

-Junior Ranger programs at Old Faithful and Canyon.

Photograph by Audrey Hall

 Photo Credit: Audrey Hall

-Young Scientist programs offered at Old Faithful and Canyon. 

Overall these programs had 65,831 participants and 1,958 awards were given. 

Currently, Many Yellowstone Field Trips (on-site day-use), Yellowstone to You (outreach) programs and Distance Learning are being scheduled for this fall.  TOYOTA funding for youth programs will continue to support innovative, high impact projects and programs that help Yellowstone achieve its goals and vision. 


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