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The Yellowstone Steward chats with Dan Manning, YPF Board Member and Zone Vice President, Coca-Cola Refreshments, about the iconic beverage company's support of the Yellowstone Trails Fund.

The Coca-Cola Company’s global commitment to active, healthy living certainly links to the company’s tremendous support of YPF’s 10-year, $2 million Yellowstone Trails Fund Initiative.   Can you tell us more about why Coca-Cola chose this initiative for its $500,000 leadership grant in 2007?

Under The Coca-Cola Company’s corporate social responsibility platform there are three arms:  Personal Sustainability, Community Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability.

Under Personal Sustainability, the goal is to help get people moving by supporting physical activity or nutrition programs in every country where The Coca-Cola Company does business.

The Yellowstone Trails Fund Initiative, which rebuilds trails, is a perfect tie-in to help keep people moving through hiking.  Simply said, trails fit.

Our other initiatives under personal sustainability focus on making sure The Coca-Cola Company offers low or no calorie options to consumers.  We are transparent on the front of our packaging with nutritional information, and we market responsibly, including no advertising to children under 12.

What are the goals for The Coca-Cola Company’s commitment to active, healthy living?

Hikers on a Yellowstone TrailVision 2020 is Coca-Cola’s overall sustainability platform.  Each arm of Vision 2020 has specific goals.  Our active, healthy living goal states that we will sponsor at least one physical activity program in every country where we do business by 2020. 

Currently, we sponsor 280 physical activity or nutrition programs in 115 countries.  By 2020, we want to sponsor at least one program in 207 countries, where we will be doing business.  The Coca-Cola Foundation and other foundations we support worldwide have contributed $15 million to these programs in 2013.

How do The Coca-Cola Company’s employees feel about the company’s strong partnership with Yellowstone, and the Trails Fund in particular?

The Coca-Cola Company and its employees firmly believe that people who are active lead happier lives.  As employees of The Coca-Cola Company, we are proud of and support the Yellowstone Trails Initiative and 279 other initiatives designed to get people moving.  My role is to be the ambassador for the company, and to support the Trails Initiative in Yellowstone. 

There have been more than 30 trails restored so far through this initiative.  One is the Observation Point Trail that looks over the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center, another terrific project The Coca-Cola Foundation supported so generously in 2007 at the $1 million level.  Do you have a favorite trail you like to hike when you are in Yellowstone?

I spend a lot of my free time in Yellowstone, especially in the Old Faithful area, because I love it.  Observation Point and many trails in that area are my favorites because of the beauty and the geysers. 

What is the legacy Coca-Cola would like to leave in Yellowstone, and what role will the Yellowstone Trails Fund Initiative play in that legacy?

When we think about encouraging people to lead active, healthy lives, Yellowstone is one of The Coca-Cola Company’s most important partners.  By collaborating, we can achieve great things and impact the lives of many people.  We hope our legacy will be that we helped preserve, protect and enhance Yellowstone National Park by restoring these magnificent trails, so that future generations can have the opportunity to have a life-changing experience in this special place.

Photos: Dan Manning - courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company. Hikers on Trail - courtesy of NPS.


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