Yellowstone Forever

Bear Box Sponsors

The Yellowstone Park Foundation is grateful to the following Friends of Yellowstone who have sponsored bear-proof storage boxes for Yellowstone’s campgrounds. Through their generous support, they are helping to improve visitor safety and protect Yellowstone's magnificent bears.

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2016 Bear Box Sponsorships

O.S. Anderson

John Berg

Robert Betters

Paul Boehner

Lori Brown

Cheryl Budzinski

Kathy Cargill

Gilbert Cheatham

Barbara Corlett

Rebecca Demaree

Victoria Fleischer

Frederick Fox

Christopher Guay

Michele Jackson

Katrina Johnson

Mark Lillenhaugen

Ronald McDaniel

Jack McGuire

Glenn A. Morris

Sylvia M. Morrison

Jeanne Paling

Jean Phelps

Mary Redmond

Richard Schaefer

Max Soaper

Ellen Stack

J.A. Stirling

Robert Struble

Nancy Tait

Kathryn Vanderwende

Janet Walsh

Richard Wentz

Jesslyn Witte






2015 Bear Box Sponsorships

George and Debbie Anthony

Trisha Ballard

The Brisley Family

Cheryl Budzinski 

George and Eileen Dargay

Thomas and Laurie Duellman

Victoria Alley Fleischer

Wayne Friesatz and Nancy Auren

Dawn and Gregg Foote

Frederick and Betty Fox

Betsy Franz 

Jim and Martha Harlow

Marc and Gail Helfer

Reynold, Kathy, Henry, and Lilly Hoover

The Imbra and Kuhl Families

Deanne Jackson 

Barry Judd

Byron Kassing

Ken and Barbara Kaufman

Willaim Keil

Dale Kostelny

The Loftus Family

Bill and Wanda Lukens

Steev Marsh

Stew and Mimi McMillen

Glenn A. Morris

Jon L. Morris

Rodney and Wendy Nutter Family

Charlie O'Reilly

Tracy Phyllis

Michael Quirk

Peter Regan

Robin Reynolds-Haertle

Lee and Kimmy Skiftun

Solot Family Foundation

Ellen Stack

Gladys and Bob Steorts

Robert and Leslie Struble

Jim and Cindy Thompson

Thomas W. Titsworth

Elizabeth Warner

Michael and Therese Welch

Aaron Wing

Jane S. and Charles B. Wright

Barbara Wunderlich




Bear box sponsors at the $1,500 level or above are recognized on the installed bear boxes with an engraved, 4” x 6” metal plate that reads "This bear-proof storage box was made possible through a generous donation to the Yellowstone Park Foundation by (donor name)."