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Greenest Park Initiative

Leadership & Education

2016Centennial Goal: By 2016, Yellowstone National Park will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%.

For more than a decade, Yellowstone has been a leader in the National Park Service with its conscientious integration of environmental sustainability efforts and programs.

Through the Greenest Park Initiative, the Park will engage and inspire its employees to implement cultural change for environmental stewardship and make Yellowstone a leader among public lands worldwide.

Environmental Stewardship InternEnvironmental Stewardship Interns

With the Yellowstone Park Foundation's support, the Park is engaging Georgia Tech Research Institute undergraduate and graduate students, with engineering and management expertise, to assist with data collection, internal communication, and execution of projects that improve the sustainability of Park operations. It is all part of the Greenest Park Initiative, a multi-year and multi-project effort to reduce Yellowstone's ecological footprint. Already, the interns have made significant progress in researching and implementing improvements in the areas of water metering and conservation, energy use reduction in historic Park buildings, renewable energy options, and messaging to visitors. This internship program is made possible by major funding from Canon, U.S.A.

Greenest Park Initiative Communication and EducationGreenest Park Initiative Communication and Education

With the Yellowstone Park Foundation's support, the Park will share information about its progress in environmental sustainability with visitors and the general public through its newspaper, website, an annual report, podcasts, and brochures.  The outreach will also promote how visitors can make a difference at home.