Yellowstone Forever

YPF's Projects Guide Book 2014-2015

Preserving and Protecting the World’s
First National Park

Since its inception in 1996, YPF has been the official fundraising partner of Yellowstone, and has raised over $100 million and supported over 325 important projects. This work has helped the Park realize a standard of excellence that this global treasure deserves.

Without the vision of the Yellowstone Park Foundation, and the generosity and commitment of its supporters, these 325 projects, and those listed here, would not happen.

This brochure is your guide to Yellowstone’s priority projects. Section 1 contains information about YPF's new YELLOWSTONE FOREVER CAMPAIGN, launched in mid-2013. It is a five-year, $40 million effort designed to make sure we safeguard Yellowstone for the next generation.

In Section 2, YPF's YELLOWSTONE ONGOING STRATEGIC INITIATIVE PROJECTS are outlined. They would not be possible without your help.

In either section, you are welcome to make a donation to a specific project, or to the overall initiative where a project is housed.

Future generations deserve the memory of their first unforgettable visit to Yellowstone. Please support our movement so that there is a Yellowstone ... forever.

Many thanks,

Kay Yeager
Chairman of the Board
Kay Yerger Karen Bates Kress
Karen Bates Kress


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