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Yellowstone Wolf Education

Rick MacIntyreYellowstone National Park has become the best place in the world to observe wolves in the wild. As word of this opportunity spreads, more and more people who hope to see wolves visit the Park. Biological Technician Rick McIntyre has spent more than 14 years observing wolf behavior and pack dynamics for the Yellowstone Wolf Project, including a running tally of more than 5,000 consecutive days in the Park!

Rick has become a staple figure in the valleys of Yellowstone, and many visitors know from experience or word-of-mouth to look for Rick in order to learn about and see wolves. Yellowstone Wolf Education supports Rick's work to proactively manage visitors and wolves to help ensure human safety, wolf safety, and visitor enjoyment. At the same time, he is contributing significantly to wolf monitoring and research, and educating visitors about Yellowstone's wolves. Project funds provide for transportation, staff time, and necessary equipment and supplies.

Annual Project Cost: Approximately $50,000

"Rick McIntyre is another natural wonder of Yellowstone. Because of his dedication to wolves and their habitat, thousands of people have not only seen wolves but have also learned much about their habits and importance in restoring the natural balance in the Park and surrounding areas. He does more to debunk myths about these magnificent creatures than anyone. And, he's available to everyone, everyday! What a treasure."

- Annie Graham
YPF Board member and Wolf Project supporter
Houston, Texas


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Interview with Yellowstone Biological Technition Rick McIntyre

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